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Inspections and Maintenance
  • Inspection and Maintenance Services
    • Annual Maintenance
    • 6 year Maintenance & recharge*
    • Hydro testing**
    • Bracket installation and extinguisher mounting
    • Inspection
    • Fire protection equipment maintenance
    • Reports, schedule and record keeping
  • Semi-Annual Maintenance
    • Upgrades
    • Code Compliance
    • New Installs
    • Repairs
    • Cylinder Recharge
    • Hood Filters
    • Trip Test
    Semi-Annual Maintenance is required for all Pre-engineered Fire Suppression Systems.

*6 year Maintenance is required every 6 years from either the date of manufacture or the last year of service

**Hydro-test of the cylinder is required every twelve years from the date of manufacture.

Finding the date of manufacture:
The date is either on the label or stamped on the bottom, or around the neck of the cylinder.
For example "00" indicates 2000 the cylinder is due for a 6 year maintenance "94" would indicate 1994 the cylinder is due for a 12 year hydro-test.
Note: sometimes the stamped date is so faint on the bottom it can only be seen at a specific angle in the light.


Annual Maintenance - basics

  1. the condition of the cylinder is good - not gauged, dented or rusted
  2. the label and serial number are legible
  3. the hose through hole is clear
  4. the hose is not damaged
  5. the gauge and writing on gauge can be read clearly
  6. the gauge is not damaged
  7. the gauge indicates pressure is good ( in green)
  8. the powder is 'fluffed' not compacted to insure flow of powder upon activation
  9. pull pin and tamper seals are in place
  10. the handle is not bent and is operational
  11. the weight of extinguisher is within the manufacture guidelines stated on the label
  12. the extinguisher is mounted properly - The bottom is > 4" from the floor and the top of the handle is < 5'
  13. date of manufacture is within 6 or 12 years or the date of last 6 year maintenance or hydro-test is within 6 or 12 years - 5 for CO2 type
  14. tag cylinder

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